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Beginners books:

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes) *A Buddhist Bible* Edited by Dwight Goddard:(Boston : Beacon Press,1970, c1938) This book has translations of the Diamond Sutra, Dao De King (more popularly known as Tao Te Ching), the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Zen Patriarch, the Awakening of Faith Shastra, solid fundamental discussions of the historical Buddha and his teachings.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Authentic Dhammapada of the Buddha* This is the first accurate english translation of the Buddhism's most popular discourse. This translation will bring a deeper meaning to the teachings of Buddhism that has never before been seen in the west.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen* This dictionary is a useful tool when reading the Sutras.  Often a reference to a list or a term is made and the use of this dictionary is great in understanding the terms.  The dictionary also has a biography of all of the major Saints and Bodhisattvas that are found though out the Buddhist Cannon.  I recommend to get this book if you are doing any Sutra reading.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Zen teachings of Master Lin-chi*, trans. Burton Watson (Boston : Shambhala Publications, 1993) Master Rinzai otherwise known as "Lin-chi" presents Zen in a no-nonsence fashion.  He shows us a Zen of "no-position", meaning that the Zen he teaches is beyond robes, bells and forms.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Zen teaching of Bodhidharma*, trans. Red Pine (San Francisco : North Point Press, 1987) This book teaches the heart and soul of Dark Zen.  We recomend that all new Buddhist read this book.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The record of Tung-shan*, trans. William F. Powell (Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press, 1986)

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*Minding Mind : A Course in Basic Meditation* Translated by Thomas Cleary. Some types of meditation are aimed at promoting a sense of confidence and well-being in everyday life, while other types focus on producing altered states of consciousness, transcending the world, or developing skills for serving other people.  The instructions in this book focus on the highest type of all, "Pure, clear meditation": a state of true objectivity that enables the practitioner to use all of the other types of meditation freely and consciously, with out becoming fixated or obsessed.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Zen teaching of Hui Hai on sudden illumination*, trans. John Blofeld (London : Rider,1969, c1962) This book is one of my favorite books, and a must have for any personal library.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Zen teaching of Huang Po on the transmission of mind*, trans. John Blofeld (Chu Ch'an) (London : The Buddhist Society,1968, c1958)

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*Ch'an and Zen teaching*, ed. & trans. Lu K`uan Yu (Charles Luk). (London : Rider,1960)

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)Paul Reps, *Zen flesh, Zen bones* (Tokyo, Rutland, Vt. : C.E. Tuttle Co., 1957) Paul Reps presents a view of Zen with art and poetry.  The Dark Zen theme runs though all of this book.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)D.T. Suzuki, *Manual of Zen Buddhism*, (London, New York : Published for the Buddhist Society, by Rider,1956)   This is a must have book for the serious Zen Buddhist student.

Intermediate Books:

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)* The Way to Buddhahood : Instructions from a Modern Chinese Master * by Master Yin-Shun.  The Way to Buddhahood is a compendium of two thousand years of Chinese practice in assimilating and understanding the Buddhist experience of enlightenment. It is the first in-depth explanation of Chinese Buddhism by Yin-shun, the greatest living master of the Chinese scholar-monk tradition. The master's broad scope not only includes the traditional Chinese experience but also ideas from the Tibetan monastic tradition. This is one of those rare classic books that authentically captures an entire Buddhist tradition between its covers.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Authorized Dark Zen Meditation Manual of Buddhism* By Zenmar
    For the first time Buddhist practice has been restored as it was taught by the Buddha. This meditation of antecedent-conjoinment in Sati and Samadhi yoking to the Unific bliss really works. I'm sick and nauseated by endless books on mindfulness and concentration by New Age scam artists looking to line their wallet and don't give a tinkers-damn about the genuine teachings and path of liberation as the Buddha actually taught it. This book works and works well. It is backed up with the first accurate translation of the Anapanasati Sutta in which the Buddha outlines the practice of liberation from cyclic samsara existence in aggregated being.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*Original Teachings of Ch'an Buddhism; Selected from the Transmission of the Lamp*( by Chang Chung-yuan.)  This is an excellent book to use as a primer in understanding Chinese Ch'an.  The Author presents several cases out of the "Transmission of the Lamp" and then breaks down the cases explaining cultural meanings and the Buddhist view of those days.  I found that I was able to see the metaphor and understand the meaning of the cases after reading this book.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Holy Teachings of Vimalakirti* (Translated by Robert Thurman.) This Sutra is noted as the "jewel of the Mahayana sutras".  Vimalakirti, a man of the world (lay practitioner) is said to be the highest of all of Buddhas disciples.  Vimalakirti in this sutra clears up the confusions surrounding the central Buddhist concepts of emptiness, or voidness.  This is a must have book for the serious Buddhist student.

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*The Message of the Buddha* Perhaps one of the best beginner’s books ever written on the Buddha’s teaching, Jayatilleke’s marvelous book, The Message of the Buddha, gives the dedicated beginner a concise and panoramic view of Buddhist principles.

Advanced Books:

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*Divine Revelations in Pali Buddhism* By Peter Masefield.  This book penetrates to the very core of the historical and spiritual roots of Buddhism (and the noble eightfold path) that will shock those embracing a popular/modern understanding of Buddhism to the point of trembling in their shoes. His vast and scholarly approach and textual support his arguments of the role of divine revelation ( personally by the Buddha) for the historical attainment of "right view" is an essential consideration which challenges contemporary practicing buddhist who presume to accomplish the buddhist goal and final condition (sotapatti-fruits) via their un-aided efforts to engaged the eight fold path. It is a marvelous revelation of how Buddhism is rooted in the same universal "dynamics" that underlies many of the world great mystic traditions such as Natha and shabd yoga. His rescue, and defense of the original "form" of the Dhamma as not being its exposition in the form of suttas, but rather as a "transcendental" sound ( shabd, nam,nada,etc), gives new ( and much deeper) meaning to the tathagata emphasis on "hearing the Dharma" as the primary ( and only) means for bringing suffering to an end. I cannot recommend his book enough to all serious ( and courageous) seekers of nirvana.


  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East(1989)- English subtitles* The film tells the story of two people and their search for liberation. A mid-20's man named Hibong has left the world with all its pain and hardship, seeking the way out from an old Zen master secluded in the Korean Mountains. The other is a 11 year old boy who curiously looks at the world. Also available in DVD

  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*Excalibur (1981)* John Boorman's film brings forth the mystical story of King Author, Merlin and the sword called Excalibur.  There is a deep theme of spirituality born, lost and rediscovered.  This classic "grail" film, shows the true Mysticism that we still have in our western culture. Also available in DVD


  • bk32.gif (1510 bytes)*Zen Lessons* By Thomas Cleary.  A guide to enlightened conduct for people in positions of authority, based on the teachings of several great Zen masters of China.


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