Buddhist Articles and Essays

Title: Meditation Q&A Author: Master Zenmar

Title: On Zenmar's Presentation of The Sutta on Antecedentness by Breath (Dark Zen Meditation) Author: by Ming Zhen Shakya, OHY
by Ming Zhen Shakya, OHY. Sister Shakya discusses 'The Sutta On The Antecedentness of Breath' a new translation by Venerable Shakya Aryanatta and its impact on Zen Buddhism.

Title: Richard Baker and the Myth of the Zen Roshi Author: Stuart Lachs
A case study of Richard Baker and the SFZC

Title: One nation under whose authority? Author: Zenmar
Commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance- Editorial Comment by Zenmar

Title: Modern Buddhism: sacred or profane? Author: Zenmar
Modern Buddhism: sacred or profane? - Editorial Comment by Zenmar

Title: Violating Trust Author: Ming Zhen Shakya
When students betray the teacher.

The world's first accurate translation of the Eightfold Path

Title: The Essentials of Ch'an Practice Author: Master Xuyun
The Prerequisites and Understanding Necessary to Begin Ch'an Practise

Title: Means of Authorization: Establishing Hierarchy in Ch'an/Zen Buddhism in America Author: Stuart Lachs
A critical examination all of what we call Zen in the west.

Title: Buddhist-Christian Q & A Author: Zenmar
This is a great artical dealing with the issue differances between Buddhsim and Christianity.

Title: A critique of "Buddhism with out Beliefs" Author: Punnadhammo
A good critique of Stephen Batchelor's book, "Buddhism Without Beliefs"

Title: The Zen Teaching of Huang Po A Gonzo Review by SnarkyMan
A look at Huang Po, perhaps the most influential Zen Master of all time

Title: Sanbo Kyodan Zen : The Heritage of Western Zen Author: Zenmar
What is the heritage of Western Zen? A question worth this investigation

Title: The Great Parinirvana Sutra Author: Charles Patton
A good translation of one of the most powerful sutras in Buddhism.

Title: Coming Down from the Zen Clouds: A Critique of the Current State of American Zen Author:Stuart Lachs
This story origionaly called "A slice of American Zen". This is a good and accurate story of the abuse of power in Zen

Title: Why Can't Zen Buddhism Find an Online Home? Author: Gary Ray, 1995
Gary writes a good argument for the problem of Buddhism on the Internet

Title: Zen Holy War? A book review by Josh Baran
Without a doubt, Zen was instrumental in the war crimes committed by Japan in WWII. This book is well reachered and written

Title: ZEN FOR PROFIT Author: Rev. Chuan Yuan Shakya, OHY
From Prison Dharma Scams to the exclusive "Club House" Zen, Rev. Shakya skillfuly explains how it works.

Title: Zen Abuses Author: Ming Zhen Shakya
This is a good review of Gopfert's dissertation, "Student Experiences of Betrayal in the Zen Buddhist Teacher/Student Relationship." Well work the reading.